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My name is Pleasure Ngobeni a.k.a PLENGO. PLE comes from first three letters of my name and also NGO from my last name. What does PLENGO DESIGNS? Simple, I design solutions in the space of technology. I spend most times thinking about what can be solved out there, mostly for us black South Africans. These are technologies used already but as young black South Africans in Townships and Rural areas we often not know about, which can help us in a big way.



I come from Mpumalanga in a townshisp called Thulamahashe. I have a Computer Science degree with UNISA, I am a Data/Business Intelligence Engineer, since 2012 Data analytics has been my path. Other than trying to solve problems out there I am looking more into diving deeper in Data Science, AI & Machine Learning.



If you are the type of person who likes wearing exactly what they want on demand? This will be the platform for you to design your style and let us take care of it from the background.


Plengo Online Store

Plengo General Dealer is an online store for buying my services which include internet solutions, Telephone and Voice and also selling electronic devices.


Tindlopfu Tours & Safaris

Airport & Suttle Services, reliable transport system operating around Krugar National park, Nelspruit and can go up to Gauteng.


Website Development

Do you want a website? I can assist you from hosting subscription, emails setup and creating and launching your website all in just hours or few days.


Software Development

Software development is expensive when you need a custom solution to your business. Because I understand Black township economy and you need a solution for your business lets talk about it.


Cloud Solutions

Technology is changing and Cloud computing is the future. If you heard about it or would like to know more about its services or considering to move to one. We can assist you

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page, If there is anything I can assist with in space of tech. do not hesitate to contact me and help do your best

Ngobeni PN.



30 Dartford Drive                     
Cape Town


Phone: +27 87 822 1696